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Natraja.org beleives all makers, dealers and buyers see the see things/events from their own perspective. Each one have the right to express his/her views; and should be given the chance to put forward their point of view.

This discussion forum for sharing different points of view, those must be expressed in a decent language giving your logic and reason for the difference. Any derogatory remarks about others will not be published, or parts will be left out. A persistent offender will be banned (black-listed) from using this site.

Recent response from Aditya Chopra signed as JP Chopra contains such bad language will not be published. We publish the following reasoned response only:

Dear Aditya Chopra

Thank you for your mail. our representative had tried to contact you on his first visit to Amritsar He even called you over the phone you never responded, and he tried to meet you get information about your business activities first hand.

We can see you are not happy with our reporting, that is what happens when you do not provide the information directly. We had to rely on my sources in Amritsar to the picture of your activities.

We had already looked at the pictures you have put on www.snapfish.com. These pictures provide no proof that they were taken in supposed your factory. You have already sent these pictures to some of your prospective customers, and they forwarded to us with your password. To be honest these pictures do not improve your company image. Anyone can tell you such poor quality pictures taken of few men squatting on the dirt floor with their backs to the camera prove nothing. If these poor fellows sitting on the floor are your employees, it only proves the working conditions are just appalling. Any of your European buyers will be appalled by seeing such working conditions.

It is not Natraja.org policy to respond to your spiteful language you used in your email. We do not respond to such remarks. Avtarjeet's position as a sculptor has already been established on international scene and books has been written about his work, I do not need any confirmation from you nor did your comments make no difference to his status as an artist and as a commentator. His views and comments are eagerly listened to on various platforms such as UNESCO and many universities throughout the world.

If you care to do seach his name on Google.com, it will reveal his position. All learned Indians are proud of him; your comments only show your ignorance about the reality of his achievements.

He only got involved in this area, as some of the business practices need to be improved in Chess Making Industry in Amritsar. This practice shall be bringing this to the attention of the chess dealers all over the world, so that they are not lied to by some unscruplous dealers.

You have given several suggestions in your email, we thank you for that.
To write our Newsletter, we do not rely on any one source of information, and when we feel the need first of all we contact the party directly, if the party chooses not to cooperate, we use my other sources to collect and assess the information before using it. This information may not be perfect, but this is best we got at that time. You made the choice at the first place not to see him and now It is clear you are VERY UPSET what we wrote about your company Chopra Chess. This is based upon the information available in the city and on the net about your business.

We normally publish all the comments on www.natraja.org site, your spiteful comments and your foulmouthed language against Avtarjeet and other parties will not do any good to your image when your client would read it. The Natraja.org collectively has decided not to publish it.

We add Mr Chopra, since Avtarjeet or anyone else from Natraja.org had never met you and have NO direct business dealings with you, so we have no personal grudge against you. What has transpired, it is all your own making.
Wish you all the best.



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----- Original Message -----
From: Rishi
To: avtarjeet@haraf.com
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 11:37 PM
Subject: RE: Chess makers in Amritsar

Hi Avtarjeet Ji,

This newsletter is more than an advertisement than the facts, Its surprising advertsing one of the carver and his son, Great................................ advertsments skill.

What will happen with its impacts.

Sorry to tell you about your biased and non justified view on Amritsar chess. I know and understand your personal business interests with so called declaration of best knight carver in Amritsar. In fact rajesh Sharma has brought Bhupinder Sing

I expect a correction on all views from a learnerd person like you, I always found you very balanced and nicest person.

Sorry, If you are offended


Amritsar Ivory Works


Dear Rishi

Thank you for your response. Please enlighten me if you know a better carvers that Bhupinder Singh and Rattan Singh in chess industry in Amritsar, I shall be very happy to meet him/her. I will be grateful if you introduce me one. I value and respect all craftsmen where ever they are.

If you have introduced Bhupinder Singh to the Chess industry, that doesn't change anything in his skills.

I am coming to Amritsar around 1st April, I shall be delighted to meet any carver/s you may like to introduce me and I would like to see their work.

I did not name AIW in my newsletter, but working conditions in your factory are absolutely dreadful, I had asked you last time to make imrovements, and you promissed me to do so. I was sure if you had done anthing you would have pointed it to me. I repeat If you have done any improvments, please let em see them during my next visit and I shall mention in my next newsletter.

This newsletter is also meant to give an overview of the makers in Amritsar, as I have received emails, some new people claiming big dealers and manufacturers, and sometimes the dealers are misled.

There is no doubt AIW and JS Arts have the biggest capacity to meet demands of big dealers, and I have said it very clearly.

Best wishes



Dear Frank


I did not wanted to go into details of copyright and other matters, as I shall be dealing with the copyright matters in my newsletter coming soon. At this point I purposely stayed out of any argument between AIW and HOS.


I offered my mediation to HOS and AIW without any conditions or fee, just to clarify and put on paper few things such as copyright and other related matters. I could not see why HOS was so reluctant to meet and resolve these issues whereas AIW gave me in writing that it would accept the terms of my mediation.


I am really sorry if you read my statement insulting, I did not want to make any comment on your copyright claim. I shall certainly take your statement into consideration when I write the next Newsletter.


Best wishes



----- Original Message -----
From: Frank A Camaratta
To: Carl Maceli ; avtarjeet@haraf.com
Cc: Malcolm Pein
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 5:56 PM
Subject: Re: Chess makers in Amritsar


In your newsletter, you state:

Real competition is really between two big players in the field, one supplied to the biggest buyer House of Staunton for over a decade, before HOS switched to other maker. Now both makers do not see eye to eye to each other. What happened between the first supplier to HOS, I have heard the arguments from both sides, and it is basically a murky area. It will not be fair for me to make any comments. I even tried to make the two parties sit together to resolve any past issues without any commitment to work again. It proved impossible.

I find that very insulting. There can be absolutely no doubt that HOS designs are mine. The copyrights are mine, and I have the original dated engineering drawings to prove it. By your statements above, you lend credibility to AIW's claims against my designs and denigrate me personally.

Frank A. Camaratta, Jr.


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