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It is so wonderful that over three hundred chess players and chess lovers have included me to their net work. It is such a wonderful display of generosity from all chess lovers.

I, as artist like to be creative and contribute something to the group. I have searched on the net that there is no chess trust to promote chess playing on global level, though there is one in the US.


I propose two projects:

  • Chess Trust – to help budding chess players and chess makers; and will run the following two programs;
  • Chess Exchange – where members can exchange chess-sets
  • Chess Database – a global database of players, chess lovers, collectors, makers and dealers


I welcome:


  • Your suggestions and contribution of ideas how to take the project forward?
  • Help – some volunteers to acts as chairperson, secretary, treasure and other support for the project;
  • We need to open a bank account for the trust, any suggestions where the office should be based, and where to open this account?
  • Finally need contributions from everyone how small it may be. I volunteer to put $100 to open the account the account. I am writing to HSBC, a bank with operations in many countries, if it will provide free banking for the Trust?


All discussions will be discussed on the Facebook pages or Natraja.org, I welcome any suggestion for better ways to do the same.

Please use the contact page of this site to send your suggestion or through the facebook.

Avtarjeet Dhanjal

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