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The following 5 sets were created by Saggu India (Mandeep Handicrafts) of Amritsar specially under an agreement with Natraja Limited, of UK. Natraja the top price (almost double the going rate) for these sets with an understanding that these sets will be EXCLUSIVE to Natraja and Mandeep Handicrafts will NOT offer these sets to any other party. Natraja Ltd got registered a copyright on these sets under UK Copyright Law. Registration documents will be put on display on this site and www.natraja.com.

It has come to the notice of Natraja Limted that Mandeep Handicrafts has not kept its promise and has offered these sets to other dealers.

www.natraja.org was set up to stop such copyright infringements, and Natraja Limited that has invested a great amount of time and resources to promote these sets, takes this action by Mandeep Handicrafts very seriously.

It is understood that total of 50 sets has been supplied to an American dealer under false pretence by Mandeep Handicrafts. Legally Natraja Ltd has the right to seize these sets and destroy them.

After discussion with the US dealer it has been agreed that all these should be returned to the maker Mandeep Handicrafts. So any drastic action will not be necessary.

Natraja Limited will request all dealers NOT to entertain if Mandeep Handicrafts offers these set to any one else.


Best wishes


Natraja Limited



International Copyright law based upon Geneva Convention, endorsed by almost all government of the world, Cetainly UK, India and the US states:

The maker of work of art, crafts, writing, music etc. holds the copyright autmatically whether registered or not, unless:

  1. the maker was in full time employment of company/person and the work was created during his/her time of work;
  2. The company/person has specifically commissioned a work on an agreed fee to the maker and the maker signs an agreement that clearly spells that copyright is also sold with the work;
  3. A company/person buyes the copyright in a written agreement and makes understands the language and the legal aspects of such agreement.

Natraja is going to India and will do the following:

  • Meet most of the chess makers, dealers and exporters and would explain this matter to them, possibly in a seminar/meeting;
  • I shall contact WIPO in Geneva, and through them to set up a meeting with Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Office of the Controller-General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, New Delhi.
  • I shall write a report on the whole issue, and shall make it avaible to all dealers and makers on my return in March.

Two of the oldest dealers in Chess industry are fed up with the present practice in the market and have come back to me to extend their support.
I shall keep you informed of the progress and If i can do anything for you while in Amritsar let me know.


Natraja has drafted an agreement that may be used a maker wishes to sell the copyright to a third party for new design maker has created.

Please Download a copy of this agreement and use it freely, and let us know how it has helped you.

This Development work undertaken by natraja.org has following aims:

1. Help to protect the copyrights of all creators of new designs in Chess Sets and related items in the first phase of the development. Later this programme will extend to other produces/creators also.

2. Mediate between parties in dispute over copyright issues.

3. Help to bring the court cases to beneficial conclusions to the creators.

4. Provide an assurance to buyers that the chess-sets they are buying, has been produced/sold ethically giving a fair wage to the workers.

5. Helping established chess companies such as House of Staunton, Jakes of London to protect their original designs from piracy and exploitation.

6. Helping makers, buyers and seller to establish guidelines what are the original designs and what constitutes a new creation, when it is modeled upon the existing designs.

7. Help to develop guidelines when a buyer commissions a maker to produce copy/copies of a set or design provided by the buyer. There have been examples of malpractices in this areas and confusion among the makers.

It has come to our attention that one of the oldest wood carvers’ family in Amritsar, which has been creating new designs for decades. They haven’t been careful in protecting their creations, as a result these designs has been copied and sold without any royalty or even consent obtained from the creators.

This project is not developed to protect any one creator but all creators, buyers and resellers. So we are looking for cooperation and active support from all in the field of creating/making, buying and selling chess sets.

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Further details on COPYRIGHT can be found at clicking this LINK


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