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Database Development

I shall be more than happy to display all your copyright design on our site. As a matter of that is my next plan to develop a database of existing copy right designs in Chess, and then maintain it with new designs coming in the market.

For this I need:

A set of good quality photographs attached to your email for our records for each piece/set.
Name of each object/set, Material, Name of the Maker person/company
Year of production, year of copyright, country of registration and copyright number.
On receipt of above information this will go into our database, and will be available on our site for public reference/records.

This service is free for the benefit of every one involved in chess industry. Though any contribution towards the service will be welcomed.

All contributors to the database would be acknowledged, and the contributors will be consulted how to manage the database.

We hope that most of the dealers and makers would contribute to the database, tentatively by September 2009. We also plan to organise a seminar to iron out any discrepancies in the database and establish rules how to avoid piracy of the designs.

We thank you very much Mr. Camaratta for your interest and cooperation.

With best wishes,



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