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Wood carving – the traditional art of India, Punjab

Artists have always given a visual treat to many things we see around us. Artistry has been an excellent way of giving innovative thoughts a visual form. When it comes to creating designs the artists put in their creative thoughts, the outcome is extremely remarkable. Wood carving is an interesting art. It is essentially a pattern which is made on a wooden piece.

This art of wood carving is known as xyloglyphy. The artists carve design on wood by hand with some sharp carving tools. It is a traditional art which is extremely popular in India.

Wood carving is very famous in Punjab, a state in India. The wood carving artists in Punjab have pioneering expressions of art which can be found in the objects they prepare by wood carving. This state has beautifully contributed to wood carving in India. For instance, wooden beds are made in an exclusive way with wood carving. There are many mirrors decorated with wood carving on them. The wood carving in Punjab has been worth appreciation because the Punjabi artists create intricate designs with flawless charm. Carpenters in Punjab have been making furniture and wooden toys which have unmatched quality. They create so many beautiful patterns like floral, geometrical or even some miscellaneous ones that beautify the structure of wood.   


Wood carving artists in Punjab are very skilled. They have made so many wooden souvenirs which are in a great demand. Punjab is renowned for its excellence in wood carving. Patiala, Hoshiarpur and Amritsar are the venues in Punjab where people are involved in wood carving in large numbers. The artisans here manufacture many antiques that are given finishing by wood carving in the state.

There are four ways of wood carving that are applied by the artists in Punjab – Deep Carving, Shallow carving, Latticework and semi-carving. Very intricate designs are created on the items with wood carving. The art of wood carving involves designing on wooden articles. There are many types of woods that are used by artists for wood carving. The wood is molded into attractive shapes to give it a form of an object.

The craftsmen first identify the right kind of wood which will help in deciding whether it is suitable for quality wood carving or not. The texture of wood is a major factor in determining the longevity of the antique created out of it. The Punjabi artist is required to have all the wood carving tools which may include carving knives, chisels, gouges, rasps and files, grinding tools and v-tools. These tools will ensure the accurate output of their wood carving.


Wooden handicrafts from Punjab are very popular because of their superior design. The craftsmen from Punjab make the articles by employing the process of wood carving very laboriously. They are very particular about each detail because the designs are very elaborate.  

However, before you make the chess board it is necessary to check the quality of woods. Depending on your budget, you can select the wood. The different types of woods like Ebony, boxwood, Rosewood, Sheesham, Red Sandalwood, etc. Ebony is a very dense wood that is utilized for making heave chess boards. It has been used by traditional players in their chess sets. It has its history since 1800. Ebony is a very high quality wood and is often used in luxury chess sets.  

Today, there are many wooden chess boards that are easily available but the point to note is whether they are made of solid wood or not. The manufacturers may use cheaper quality of wood in their chess sets because they may not be able to afford it. However, the aim of every manufacturer is to use the best wooden material to make the chess set because only good quality chess boards will fetch profits. Sheesham is another wood type which is easily available. Although, it is not as solid as Ebony but is still used by various manufacturers. It is even known as golden rosewood.

If you are making chess set then you need to be aware of the sources of various types of woods. Ideally, chess set has to be made in a way that is appealing to the sight of the consumers. It must have all the refined qualities because untidy and lesser quality will be ignored by the consumers. The source of boxwood is a tree called boxwood. Boxwood is a very expensive wood which may not be affordable for all. The rich class may however be looking the chess sets made of boxwood because they lend pride to them. Besides, rosewood is another type of high quality wood. Rosewood is obtained from source called genus dalberiga. Rosewood has a very high quality timber which is solid. It is your choice to select the right kind of wood for chess set to win the hearts of the chess lovers.

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