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It is so wonderful that within 2 weeks over three hundred chess players and chess lovers have included me to their net work. It is such a wonderful display of generosity from all chess lovers. Read more


How Natraja got started?

Early 2008, Mandeep Saggu, came to see me from Amritsar, he had made an appointment to see Carl Miceli of Chess Maze International, a company based in Shropshire. Mandeep asked me to drive him to meet Carl who lived about 40 miles away. Read more

This project will continue to help chess-makers and dealers in the chaotic situation that at present exists among the chess sets makers in Amritsar. According to our reports that each maker is trying to under eachother, origional designs are being pirated. As a result the buyer in the UK and US mainly are being given conflicting reports and offered pirated products.

Development work undertaken by natraja.org has following aims:
1. Help to protect the copyrights of all creators of new designs in Chess Sets Industry and related items in the first phase of the development. Later this programme will extend to other produces/creators also.

2. Helping makers, buyers and seller to establish guidelines what are the original designs and what constitutes a new creation, when it is modeled upon the existing designs.

3. Help to develop guidelines when a buyer commissions a maker to produce copy/copies of a set or design provided by the buyer. There have been examples of malpractices in this areas and confusion among the makers.

This project is developed to protect the interest of all creators, buyers and resellers. So we are looking for cooperation and active support from all in the field of creating/making, buying and selling chess sets.
Development of Natraja Project and Development.

History of Chess set Dealers and Makers, News Reports and Blog for makers and dealers.

Directory of all Makers and Dealers.(coming soon)

Limited Edition Chess-sets - site to set new standards in Chess-making

Preliminary Report
on chess-making scene in Amritsar

Though India has been and increasing its share in the export market, but has done little to create an ethical fair dealings in manufacturing sector. Worst is the small markets such as chess makers and other handicrafts In Amritsar.

Now if you receive an email from a pretender, please forward to us of a simple quick enquiry, it will save your time and possible money too. We shall give you our un-biased assessment. We can also initiate a detailed enquiry onf the company and prepare a professional report for you if you need one. READ MORE


Copyright Agreement

Natraja has drafted an agreement that may be used a maker wishes to sell the copyright to a third party for new design maker has created.

Please Download a copy of this agreement and use it freely, and let us know how it has helped you.

History Project

We are inviting all Makers, Dealers to contribute their story/images which played part of the bigger history of chess industry. Your contribution would help our historian to build a sensible history of the chess industry using all contributions.

This history would help in establishing/resolving copyright issues. READ MORE

We are here to protect your rights


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